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ExpoMedics NEWS provides valuable informations on the medical jobs market all over the world

Who We Are?

ExpoMedics NEWS, part of ExpoMedics.com, is one of the fastest growing health information sites in Europe.

ExpoMedics NEWS was designed to put medical and life sciences information in reach of people that can make a difference.

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Our values guide us in doing the best we can to create a great company for our partners, readers and community.

It’s all about teamwork and ExpoMedics is the right company to have on your team!

Our Mission

We take a deep dive into medical research and we break it down to give you the clear-cut facts.

We are dedicated in supporting European healthcare professionals to advance their careers, helping to identify the perfect position that will match their skills, experience and specific requirements.

Ultimately, we want you to be confident in making informed health decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

What we Do?

As a European brand with a worldwide audience, we help medical organisations and healthcare professionals to get the best support and most updated informations.

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Potential Candidates

You’ve got a job vacancy but don’t know where to start?

Reach more than 30,000 potential candidates for your vacancy

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At ExpoMedics NEWS we help you put together an effective recruitment campaign and get the best candidates for your hospital, practice, university or medical workplace.

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