Certified Nurse

Do you want to do an internship as a nurse in the Netherlands? 

At Pleyade we like our employees to be as multicultural as the Dutch society. That’s why we offer European (EU / EEA) nursing students a unique Eduployment Erasmus+ program. After your internship, as the ultimate goal, we offer you a full-time contract. On top of that you have many possibilities for personal growth.

Step 1: Erasmus+ Internship

As a nurse, you know it’s essential to understand what the client says and needs. Misunderstandings can have serious impact in healthcare. Because you’re going to perform nursing tasks during your internship in the Netherlands you first need to learn the Dutch language.

During the semesters before your internship you learn the 1200 most important words (/word forms) you need to express yourself in Dutch. We pay for the teacher, the classroom and any support. You only pay for the study app on your phone or tablet. The classes take place 2 days a week.

Once you passed the beginners course, it’s time to come to the Netherlands for your 6-month internship. The goal is to become acquainted with the Pleyade organisation and Dutch healthcare in general. Besides performing nursing procedures, social interaction and legislation are of great importance in the Netherlands. Therefore you will learn how to perform ADL-care (Activities of Daily Living) during your internship. This is fundamental to your profession as nurse.

Those who are eager to learn more and sign the commitment for the whole Eduployment program will learn additional healthcare language to exercise nursing practices on Pleyade’s triage and rehabilitation sections.

During these 6 months free housing is arranged and Pleyade provides (hot) meals on internship days. Because you are an Erasmus+ student you may receive an EU-scholarship for a living. Which you can use to to explore the Netherlands, because you won’t work for more than 5 days in a row (36-40 hours a week).

Step 2: Advanced Level Dutch (B1)

In order to give you more confidence in performing your work, respect from your patients and to avoid misunderstandings you are going to master the Dutch language on a high level. Due to the level of responsibility required in the nursing profession, it is necessary to understand the client without any confusion. You are obliged according to the Dutch authorities to pass the state examination NT2 / program 1 (= equal to B1). Without passing the state examination you cannot apply for the BIG-registration and without this registration you cannot work as a nurse.

During this period it’s possible to apply for an EU grant, which we can help you with. Depending on conditions at time of application, the grant is approximately € 1,500, excluding the language course contribution. Your contribution to the language course is equal to the grant you receive from EURES.

Step 3: Your career in the Netherlands begins

When you finish the language school you should be able to pass the examination in one shot. The state examination is scheduled every 6 weeks. We will sign you up as soon as possible. Then you will receive the results after 6 weeks. When you pass the exam you can apply for the BIG-registration. Pleyade will support you in registering with the Dutch professional register which will enable you to work as a nurse. In order to complete this process please bring along. Meanwhile we help you to register at your place of residence (Arnhem). During this period of approximately 3 months you can work at Pleyade like you did on your introduction.

When you are registrated, Pleyade gives you the space and time needed to get used to working in the Netherlands. You don’t have to bear all the responsibilities of a nurse right away. In the first year, you’ll be accompanied by experienced colleagues, growing in your role as a nurse step by step. After you have achieved the learning goals which you agree on in the beginning, you are ready for the full responsibility of the nurse.

Working as a nurse at Pleyade

The ultimate goal of the Eduployment program is to make you operate as a full responsible nurse in Dutch healthcare. As a full responsible nurse of Pleyade you know exactly what your clients and colleagues expect from you and you also know what to expect from them. You are a member of the team and ready to take on the full responsibility asked of the nursing profession.

Are you a certified nurse or do you attend nursing education in Europe?
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