Consultant or staff specialist for the Mammography Unit


The specialist’s main function is to perform diagnostic procedures in the field of diagnostic mammography. The medical specialist, together with the rest of the specialists in the Mammography Department, must carry out general diagnostic mammography, including MR mammography, interventions and screening mammography.

The staff specialist is expected to take part in teaching, research and development, along with rest of the clinic’s doctors.

Screening mammography in Region Zealand is carried out as a screening programme provided at mobile buses stationed at fixed locations throughout the region. The buses are staffed by highly qualified personnel. Your workplace will be the Radiology Department, Ringsted Hospital, where clinical mammograms are performed and screening mammograms are assessed.

Your work will alternate between assessment of screening mammograms, MR mammograms and clinical mammograms.

In addition to the Mammography Unit, the department also has a unit with a conventional x-ray, CT and MR. If you wish to maintain your expertise in this field, it will be possible to combine a position with this.

About the department

The Radiology Department at the Hospital is experiencing rapid growth and has undergone significant changes over the last six months with regards to management, competencies and professional standards. The department is responsible for operating the region’s breast screening programme, in addition to CT and MRI scans and conventional x-rays. We have a small team of very talented doctors, and we collaborate with other departments at both Næstved and Slagelse in the area of conventional diagnostics. Within the field of breast radiology, we work closely with breast surgeons/plastic surgeons and the pathology department.

The thing that differentiates breast radiology from conventional radiology is the thorough monitoring of patients in relation both to screening and clinical diagnostics: i.e. you get complete control over the quality of your own work.

In the near future, we expect an increased level of MRI activity within breast radiology, including the possibility to undertake MRI-guided biopsies. We are working on extending our ultrasound operations in order to complement screenings with mammography. In the future, mammograms will be complemented to a greater extent by tomosynthesis. As the department, hospital and region are fully digitalised, it will be possible to participate in the work of the hospital’s other modalities and to voluntarily take on additional work at the region’s Guarantee Clinic, which is located at Næstved Hospital and handles, among other things, assessments of MRI, CT and oncoradiological examinations that lie beyond the total capacity of the region.

Facts about the department:

  • We are currently in the process of updating all of our screening equipment in order to begin offering tomosynthesis
  • We have updated our CT and MRI scanners in addition to our conventional x-ray room

We expect

  • You are a specialist in diagnostic radiology.
  • You have significant and documented experience within the area of breast radiology
  • You are a good colleague who is able and willing to contribute a high level of professionalism

We offer

You will be responsible for supervising daily operations, and you will meet with your colleagues on a daily basis in order to run through issues and thereby ensure the highest level of patient care.

You will get the chance to form part of a strong and professional environment, which offers space for coaching and development and flexibility when it comes to the tasks and organisation of work. You can expect to be assigned independent areas of responsibility, as we believe that influence and responsibility help to make your working day more stimulating and enable you to provide a higher level of patient quality. You will be part of a department that is proud of its quality, development and working environment. We believe in professional development and cross-departmental responsibility, and feel strongly that everyone contributes towards ensuring that the department runs smoothly. You will get to work closely with the clinical departments, and you will have a chance to provide input and participate in collaboration meetings with these departments. You will become part of a team that attaches great importance to quality within a skilled and professional working environment and on effective cooperation characterised by collegiality both internally within the department and with our partners within the hospital and beyond.

Why choose Denmark

You will be a part of an informal and professional work environment and you will have the opportunity to influence how you would like your future in the department to plan out. The Danish work place culture is informal and has a flat hierarchy, a 37-hour working week and an attractive salary and pension scheme. In addition, Region Zealand offers a great range of leisure and accommodation facilities as well as good schools.

Benefits for you and your family if you choose a career at Region Zealand:

  • A professional and inspirational work environment
  • Opportunities for training and professional growth
  • Good research opportunities – national and international
  • Good quality of life for families

More information and application: