Consultant/registered medical specialist for the Urology Department UK2, Clinic for General Surgery/Women and Children at North Denmark Regional Hospital

We expect you to:

  1. Be a registered urology specialist, with a keen interest in routine urological health care, particularly the investigation and treatment of benign urological disorders.
  2. Work in a way that is patient-centred and inclusive.
  3. Provide your patients with a safe and effective course of treatment.
  4. Participate actively in the clinic’s development and quality-assurance activities.
  5. Participate actively in the education of the clinic’s trainee doctors.
  6. See IT systems as an aid in your work, and do what you can to be at the forefront of developments in this area.
  7. Be good humoured, loyal, dedicated and flexible.

We can offer:

  1. A busy department that is constantly developing.
  2. A department where all professional groups demonstrate a high level of professional expertise and dedication.
  3. The opportunity to work in a department that gives a high priority to the investigation and treatment of benign urological disorders. At the same time, the elective-based form of working ensures that you are guaranteed all weekends and public holidays off.
  4. The opportunity to help develop the future structure of the urological specialisation in the North Denmark Region.
  5. Participation in relevant meetings, courses and congresses thanks to your own professional development budget.
  6. A department in which the training of junior doctors is being developed.
  7. A department in which research is ongoing.
  8. A friendly and sociable team of co-workers.

The Urology Department UK2

… is located in Frederikshavn and is intended to be the specialist urology unit for North Denmark Regional Hospital in collaboration with staff in Thisted. The Urology Department UK2, North Denmark Regional Hospital is expected to form the foundation for the investigation and treatment of routine urological disorders at the main functioning level in the North Denmark Region.

The department works closely with the Urology Department at Aalborg University Hospital. The two urology departments in North Denmark are currently in the process of merging into a single specialist unit with joint responsibility for the entire region’s urology patient population.

In the new unit, highly specialised and regional functions will be undertaken by the Urology Department at Aalborg University Hospital, while routine urology and some regional functions will be handled by the Urology Department UK2 at North Denmark Regional Hospital.

Patients experiencing complex urological symptoms, such as LUTS, may be suffering from a wide range of disorders, which makes it necessary to be able to treat patients at the general, regional and highly specialised levels if the entire complex of symptoms is to be treated successfully. The interface that this creates between the two urology departments in North Denmark will therefore become pivotal for the creation of the new specialist urology unit, and will provide opportunities for development and innovation.

The Urology Department UK2 was established in 2007. Since then, its activity level has grown year by year. In 2015 it carried out 1,000 operations and saw 8,500 outpatients.

The department has five operating tables at its disposal each week, as well as a large and well-equipped outpatient department. Operations are performed as day surgery. However, the department has dedicated beds in the hospital’s post-operative observation ward, where urology patients can stay overnight if surgical or other circumstances make it necessary to do so.

The Urology Department UK2’s clinical activities include the following:

  1. Investigation and treatment of urinary dysfunction.
  2. Diagnosis and treatment of urolithiasis using URS and RIRS .
  3. Surgery on the scrotum and penis.
  4. Investigation in the context of a cancer care pathway.
  5. Investigation of prostate cancer. Care of endocrine-treated prostate cancer as well as follow-up of this group of patients. This includes the treatment and follow-up of castration-resistant metastasised prostate cancer.
  6. Diagnosis of bladder cancer. Treatment and follow-up of superficial tumours of the bladder.
  7. Diagnosis and treatment of testicular cancer.

The Clinic for General Surgery/Women and Children

… is divided between the hospitals in Hjørring and Frederikshavn. In Hjørring the clinic offers 24-hour surgery, gynaecology and obstetrics, as well as paediatrics, including a neonatal unit. There is also a palliative unit at Hjørring. In Frederikshavn the clinic undertakes elective urological and surgical procedures. The clinic has 400 full-time employees.

Salary and terms of employment

… comply with the collective agreement for consultants/registered medical specialists.

Why choose Northern Denmark?

  1. Good work/life balance. We offer a 37-hour working week, a generous pay package and 5 weeks paid annual holiday.
  2. Although taxes are high in Denmark, so are the salaries, which means your take-home pay will still be more than you would make in most other European countries. Typically, your starting salary as a medical specialist will be around DKK 50,000 a month before tax. After tax, you can expect to receive approx. DKK 30,000.
  3. You will receive full salary from day one, even though you will be spending most of your time learning Danish for the first few months.
  4. Continuing education – as a doctor you are entitled to annual, employer-funded continuing education. There are also good opportunities for sub-specialisation in cooperation with the region’s university hospital in Aalborg.
  5. Research. We do not consider research to be an optional extra, but something all our medical specialists are expected to engage in.
  6. Housing: You can rent low-cost housing through the hospital, or we can help you find a place to rent or buy in the private market.
  7. Relocation: We will help you and your family with practical matters and support your integration into the local community. If relevant, we will also do what we can to help your spouse find work.
  8. You will have plenty of opportunity to enjoy North Denmark’s beautiful scenery. The tip of Denmark’s Jutland peninsula is surrounded by water on three sides. The unique quality of light that this creates is celebrated in the works of the world-famous Skagen Painters of the late 19th century. Northern Jutland is also famous for its excellent surfing conditions at Cold Hawaii, and for its rich bird life. Northern Jutland is, quite simply, a great place to pursue outdoor activities, whether you enjoy white, sandy beaches, mountain biking, kitesurfing or something else entirely. For more information please visit: www.visitnordjylland.dk 
  9. North Denmark has a varied and flourishing cultural life, with museums, cultural centres, concert venues and a wealth of arts and crafts producers. The public libraries are free of charge and open to everyone. In addition to lending out books of all kinds, they stage a wide range of interesting talks and organise a whole host of events for children.

How to apply Please send your detailed application documents (curriculum vitae, formal recognition as a medical specialist and other relevant docu-ments which reflect your professional career) along with a motivation letter to the following email address: cba@workindenmark.dk. We will then contact you as soon as possible. What happens if I am interested in the job?

  1. If both parties are interested in taking your application to the next step, we will invite you and your spouse on a short trip to Denmark to visit the hospital and its surroundings. On the trip, you will be able to look at different types of housing, visit childcare facilities or schools and get a better picture of life and work in Denmark.
  2. If after the visit both parties are still interested in continuing the relationship we will agree employment terms and draw up a contract.
  3. Typically, you will be able to start working in Denmark as soon as you are able to move you and your family to Denmark, and you have been formally approved by the Danish health authorities.
  4. If you do not have any Danish language skills, you will spend the first few months learning Danish. Typically, you will start by learning Danish 80-90% of the time and working 10-20% of the time. As you begin to master the language, you will be working more, and having fewer Danish lessons. We expect that after 3-6 months you will be fluent enough to cut the Danish lessons down to nothing or nearly nothing. You will receive full pay throughout the entire period.

We are now looking for medical practitioners specialising in the following areas:

• Surgery (abdominal surgery) • Urology • Radiology

The Danish health care system Denmark is divided into five regions. They are in charge of running hospitals and (through collective agreements) managing the general practitioner system. The local government is in charge of providing prevention and healthcare services to the public. Hospital treatment is free of charge for residents in any region of Denmark, and emergen-cy treatment is available to any person in need. North Denmark Regional Hospital – for a wide range of medical services and excellent quality of care North Denmark Regional Hospital is a combined hospital made up of facilities in five towns. We operate two acute hospitals, in Hjørring and Thisted, and one hospital providing medical care and elective surgery in Frederikshavn. Neurological rehabilitation services are provided by Neuroenhed Nord at locations in Frederikshavn and Brønderslev, while Skagen Gigt- og Rygcenter provides rehabilitation for patients with arthritis and back pain. We are able to provide the vast majority of hospital treatments re-quired by patients in our local area – and we are constantly develop-ing our capabilities in the areas of investigation, treatment and care, so that we are always among the best-performing hospitals for the specialisations we cover.

We aim to be at the forefront of medical advances. For that reason, we have our own research unit and work closely with Aalborg University Hospital, the region’s main centre for teaching and medical research. Our goal is to be attentive to and support the needs and wishes of patients and their families. We are a flexible employer that sees you as both a colleague and a person. We know that you can perform at the highest level only if you enjoy your work and your workplace.