A better life in the Netherlands working as a Nurse !

Do you dream of a better life in the Netherlands? Are you ready for a new step in your career as a nurse? 

In the Netherlands there is a shortage in the healthcare system, and we that together with professionals like you, we can solve this problem! 

Since 2002, CAREFORCE have already helped more than 1.000 medical professionals across Europe to a new future. 

More and more medical professionals are discovering career opportunities in the Netherlands. A good salary, great fringe benefits, a healthy work-life balance and a lot of future prospects.

We are looking for nurses who want to work and settle in the Netherlands, and based on your skills we believe that you are a perfect match! 

Starting your career abroad is a big step, and we understand that, and that’s why we are ready to offer you all the necessary support to make your dream became true. 

Our dedicated team will help you through the entire process.

With our own Language Academy you will start your career abroad with the right language skills. We take care of the process from A to Z: from the first meeting to your first working day.

We arrange all documents and arrange all bureaucratic formalities: contract negotiations, housing, banking, insurance and registrations.

Our professional team will ensure that you can feel at home in your new environment, so you can fully focus on your career abroad; practicing your profession as a nurse.

Rusnac Dumitru

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