Are you considering working in the UK but unsure of the impact of Brexit?

 The UK is still open to EU Doctors!

Latest news about working as a doctor in UK !

To work as a Doctor in the UK you will need to be registered with the GMC (General Medical Council). 

This week the GMC have announced that from January 2021 the only additional step you will need to take is to have your Medical Degree independently verified – there will be no additional exams to sit.

You will need a Visa to work in the UK, but this is a straight-forward process and the UK Government have reduced the fee to £232.00.

We have vacancies available for Doctors with the following experience:

  • A minimum of 2 years of post-graduate experience, to include
  • 6 months in General Surgery, or
  • 6 months in Orthopaedics, or
  • 12 months in Psychiatry, or
  • 18 months in ICU/anaesthetics, or
  • 36 months in general medicine.

We look forward to helping you to achieve your UK career goals!

Rusnac Dumitru

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